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Business Bombshells was built on a vision of creating leading products, visually stunning branding and a community of sisterhood that raises women up.

We believe that every single person deserves to GLOW and shine, as their unique and authentic selves. We built BB to be the home of brands that impact you every time you use our products and help you to feel your best.

We care. About you. About the planet. About Animals and for future generations. All of our products, are lovingly made with a purpose to provide luxury results at a fair price.

We are more than a skincare brand. We are a community. A movement and a home for you.

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Sophie hughes

Sophie Hughes is the CEO and founder of Business Bombshells.

With a first class honours degree in Psychology, Sophie has combined her understanding of human behavior with her passion for helping women succeed.

She is an advocate of all things body love, self acceptance and believes that showing up as your authentic self is a true super power. Her mission is to support women in finding their glow, both inside and out.

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